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Website Hosting & Maintenance

Ensuring your website remains working.

Our Hosting & Maintenance service is designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your website is online, ready when anyone wants to access it.

Let me explain what is included in addition to simply webspace and traffic quota at a hosting company:

Domain Services

The Domain is what makes a website easy to find on the internet. It is also called the website address and should be unique to your website. Keeping the domain active requires a yearly fee to be paid to the registrar. In our hosting packages, a very small amount is paid each month, so you are paying this fee over a whole year in stead of a larger invoice once a year.

In addition we keep your domain registration current and update the details as required. The Registrars can deactivate a domain if the details are found to be outdated, so we handle that for you.

Other related services include Google Analytics, and submitting the website to Google to be indexed – all included in your monthly fee.

Website Security

Websites are getting hacked almost daily, with a mayor hack getting written about every few weeks. It is a mayor issue and just because your site might be small, does not guarantee that the hackers will leave your site alone – it is actually easier for them to target your site, so that your site might help them hack the larger websites.

In this day and age, your website needs top notch security to ensure it is extremely difficult for hackers to access, with a recovery plan for when it happens. We have these in place, which includes Intrusion Detection Systems, backups to offsite locations, limited permissions and using super strong passwords for administrative accounts (unique to each website, randomly generated).

Maintenance & Updates

An outdated website looks bad and is also a security risk. We regularly apply updates to the websites developed by us, to ensure they remain working optimally and securely. This includes ensuring your website is using the latest technologies proven to be stable and secure.

System a plugin updates are also regularly installed, after which we make sure the website remains functioning as good or better than it did before. All of this cost time on our part, but is included in your simply monthly invoice – all taken care of.

Extra Help

Owners of our websites can update the content themselves. Owning a website and making changes to the website is generally simple with our Hosting & Maintenance service. Updating some content after a while of not having updated the content or even just forgetting where to update specific content can be a hassle, so we provide assistance to our clients to help them to get the website where they need it to be.