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Website Development

Creating your Online Presence.

We at XiliX Technologies specialises in creating websites, using the latest technologies and techniques. This allows Google and other Search Engines to quickly and effectively index your website, and ranking you higher.

A website can be used as a 24/7 advertisement to people already looking for you or maybe a marketplace where you can sell your products or services or create the next big thing.

Basic Website

Basic websites usually contains a beautiful design with content for your visitors to read. This can be a Blog, or simply a small site where anyone interested can find out more about your services.

The websites generally contains information about the person or organization owning the website as well as contact details.

The website can include Portfolios (for designers or photographers) to showcase previous work.

MarketPlace Websites

A MarketPlace website is a website where the owner of the website sells products or services directly via the website. This can range from a simple inquiry to buy a specific product all the way to full e-commerce websites that can charge a visitor’s debit/credit card for the requested services.

In addition to the Basic website, this requires extra security and the owner can easily manage their products.

Custom Websites

A custom website is simply a website that does not really fall in the previous 2 categories. Generally these have a lot of extra custom coding of components that are unique to this specific website. This can range from Intranet sites (only accessed from within your company network) to Social Networks or even Cloud-Based Software.

These websites are built by your specifications provided and are priced based on the estimated time it would take to create.