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Digital Invites

Let your visitors RSVP on your own website

Whether you are planning your wedding or simply a function, having a dedicated RSVP website allows your guests to quickly and effectively get all the information they may need and RSVP to you in a single step.

The RSVP website can be used as the one-stop for all information regarding your event.

Wedding Invites

For a lot of people, their loved ones are scattered around the world, making it hard to send wedding invites to them. While digital communication like e-mails work, they don’t have that x-factor the original handmade cards had.

Introducing the Digital Wedding Invite as a website. You can simply send all your loved ones a link using any means and they visit the website where they get all the information: when, where (with a Google Maps location, so they can program their GPS), photos, and maybe even a story of how you met.

To RSVP, your guests simply have to fill in a form right on the website, and you are notified. The form can be customized to fit with your needs. Previously we created one for a couple that had 2 different options for the food and needed to know how many of each should be prepared. If some of your guests may have special dietary requirements, now you can get that information quickly and effectively.

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Parties and Special Events

Are you arranging for a party or other special event? Why not create an invitation website for it? Maybe you made the event on Facebook, but did you know a lot of people hate the events on Facebook – they don’t want everyone to know everything they will be attending. Maybe you created a Whatsapp group for the event, but the notifications as everyone responds can be irritating to some (yes, the conversation can be muted, but that requires an extra interaction from the person).

Using this Digital Invitation website, your guests can visit the site when it suits them, and RSVP simply at their leisure. The websites are optimized for Mobile devices, but also supports high resolution displays, so they can use any medium they prefer. The website can contain a lot more information than the Whatsapp message may contain, in a friendlier interface.

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