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Website Services

[title subtitle=”Creating your perfect web presence”]Website Development[/title]


We at XiliX Technologies specialises in creating websites, using the latest technologies and techniques. This allows Google and other Search Engines to quickly and effectively index your website, and ranking you higher.


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[title subtitle=”Keeping your website online”]Website Hosting[/title]


We take care of everything Hosting related. For most business owners, managing the website hosting is not within their comfort zone and they rarely manage and maintain the website the correct way – ensuring the website remains fast, and resolving technical issues. We take care of all this and more.


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[title subtitle=”Let your guests get all the info and RSVP in one place”]Digital Invites[/title]


Whether you are planning your wedding or simply a function, having a dedicated RSVP website allows your guests to quickly and effectively get all the information they may need and RSVP to you in a single step.


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