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Antonov An-225 Mria scale 1:150 – Showcase

We 3D printed a 1:150 scaled model of the Antonov An-225 – The largest freight aircraft flying.

The model was designed by Andry2300526 (AntonovAn-225 Mria-Buran model to scale). The model was already split into parts making it easier to print.

The model have a wingspan of about 800mm, 900mm long and is almost 200mm high.

This is not yet done, as the model will receive a paint job after being prepped for paint.

Game of Thrones Crown – Showcase

We 3D printed a Game of Thrones Crown for cosplay.

The crown was designed by Pipo987 (Stag Crown). The crown was split to print easier. The Gems in the crown was designed by Timograw (Joffrey Crown Gem)

The crown have a diameter of about 220mm (round) and is about 130mm high.

Pirate Sword – Showcase

We 3D printed a pirate sword.

The sword was designed by Samsve (Pirate Sword -Full Size-). The sword was assembled using glue and painted over with Silver and Gold

The sword measures about 1050mm (long).

Getting started with 3D Printing

3D printing is an exciting world where you can create the objects you heart desires, but where do you start? What printer will meet my requirements? Where do you search for help, when something went wrong? Where to get objects to print?

These are some of the common questions we regularly find. In this post I will try to answer these questions.

Iron Man Arc Reactor – Showcase

We 3D printed Iron Man’s Arc Reactor.

The arc reactor was designed by Skimbal (Arc Reactor). The LEDs and other electronics was added by the customer.

The Reactor measures about 180mm (diamater) x 60mm.

Complete Chess Set – Showcase

We 3D printed a complete chess set, including the board.

The chess pieces was designed by BigBadBison (Spiral Chess Set). The board was designed by XiliX Technologies and is built like a puzzle.

The Board measures 440mm x 440mm (55mm square blocks).