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About us

Our Company

XiliX Technologies started when our founders merged Starsites Web Systems (from Jaco Theron) and Online Business Adds (from Werner Pretorius) to become XiliX Technologies in 2012.

We started out creating websites for our valued clients at affordable prices. We then also included Hosting their website, taking care of all technical chores regarding the websites.

At the start of 2015 we started incorporating 3D printing into our lineup of services shortly after which we also started selling 3D printers and 3D printer filament (the plastic used in 3D printing).

By the end of 2016 we also service 3D printers onsite as well as help people diagnose issues with their 3D printers.

Jaco Theron have been on the Wanhao 3D printer group helping others for more than a year now and know these 3d printers very well.

In 2017 XiliX Technologies now also include Arduino Development, developing custom made products for our clients using Open Hardware.

We at XiliX Technologies have in the past and continues to lean heavily on Open Source Software and Hardware to build cost effective products, saving you money.

Company Abilities

We at XiliX have a lot of abilities to help our customers:

[progress complete=”90″ title=”Marketing”]
[progress complete=”80″ title=”Business Management”]
[progress complete=”95″ title=”Social Media Marketing”]
[progress complete=”95″ title=”Website Development”]
[progress complete=”85″ title=”Search Engine Optimization”]
[progress complete=”95″ title=”Website Hosting”]
[progress complete=”100″ title=”3D Printing”]
[progress complete=”75″ title=”3D Designing”]
[progress complete=”80″ title=”Arduino Development”]

Our Vision

Our vision.

Our Mission

Our mission.

Our Legendary Team

[team_member type=”2″ name=”Werner Pretorius” position=”Founder, CEO & Marketing” img_size=”300×300″ linkedin=”” img=”1657″]Werner is our CEO, Founder and handles everything marketing.[/team_member]
[team_member type=”2″ name=”Jaco Theron” position=”Co-Founder, CFO, Developer” img_size=”300×300″ linkedin=”” skype=”jaco.xilix” img=”1658″]Jaco is our CFO, Co-founder and handles everything technical (3D, Development and Support)[/team_member]