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3D Printing

Making digital objects physical.

Using the 3D printers we can create almost any object or shape at very tight manufacturing tolerances in various materials. Our 3D printers print at very high quality, giving you a better result than objects printed on home/consumer 3D printers.

FFF / FDM Printers

We have a few FFF / FDM (Fused Filament Fabrication / Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers. This means that the printers are fed with a Filament, which are then melted to fuse into the previous layers to build the model.

This technology is the cheapest and allows for large objects to be printed with strong materials.

SLA – Stereo Lithography Printers

We have an SLA 3D printer coming soon. SLA printers use a resin that hardens when exposed to UV light. By controlling the exposure, the resin can be hardened in any shape. Since SLA printers does not need heat, they use a lot less energy to run, but the resin is expensive.

Using this technology,one can create small, but intricate objects with extremely fine details. The objects can be used as a mold for example to cast a custom ring design.

Powder Beds

Powder bed 3D printers uses a fine powder, that is layered on top of each other. The powder is white and acts like a thin sheet of paper. The printer then sprays a bonding liquid onto the powder,  and optionally a colour can also be sprayed, creating a full coloured object (similar like what your colour printer can do).

Powder Bed 3D printers are expensive, but can create massive, full coloured objects.