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3D Printer Training

Training to help you with your 3D Printer

3D printers have a steep learning curve and are not yet where standard 2D printers are – where you simply click print and it happens. We can help teach you to use your 3D printer to its full potential, saving you time and money to get started.

We are holding a few courses to 3D printing during the year. Let us know if you are interested.

Introduction to 3D Printers

This course aims to give a general idea on 3D printing and which printers to use for what type of manufacturing.

After this course you will know the basics of 3D printing, how to operate them and whether or not you will enjoy using a 3D printer – 3D printing is not for everyone.

We recommend this course for anyone interested in getting a 3D Printer or new to 3D printing.

Intermediate 3D Printing

This course aims to help you identify issues in prints and take corrective measures to solve the issues quickly and effectively. Are your prints stringing, ringing, full of uneven layers, over or under exrtruding? Then this course is for you.

We discuss the solutions to these common issues with practical examples and demo’s.

We recommend this course for anyone interested in getting their print quality as high as possible, with the printer you have.

Advanced 3D Printers

This course aims to teach you about your printer. A general knowledge of electronics will be helpful in this course. With this course you will be able to identify and diagnose hardware issues on your printer and determine the best solution for this issue.

We will look at all the components of a 3D printer: what they do, how they work, what can go wrong and how to fix them when something went wrong.

We recommend this course for anyone interested in self servicing their 3D printer.