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3D Printer Service

Keeping your printer in tip-top shape.

Like your car, a 3D printer needs a regular service to remain working optimally. We have experience in servicing Wanhao 3D Printers, and as a result know the printers inside-out. We also remain updated with any issues customers may experience and stock the required parts to get the printer back in business asap.

Why we service 3D Printers

There are very few companies in South Africa selling 3D printers, and from these, very few service the printers they sold. We are different: we will service your 3D printer, getting it back to working reliably.

While 3D printers are usually meant to be self serviced, very few people actually have the time or need to learn how to do it, and also very few people have the equipment to do it quickly.

Our Services are Certified

We certify the services/repairs done to your machine. Should you have issues covered by our warranty/certificate, we will repair it for you free of charge.

We have experience on Wanhao’s line of 3D printers, and keep an eye out for new issues that are experienced and how to quickly fix it so that your printer is back in service.

We have a philosophy to rather repair something broken, than buy new every time. While a new part may be required from time to time, a simple repair can be quicker and does not cost as much as a whole new part.

Thorough Diagnostics

Many places that service 3D printers only look for a way to fix the issue reported by the customer. We perform a standard diagnostic on all the 3d printers we service, so that you can be assured that your issue is correctly diagnosed and fixed, along with other things that might also cause issues in the near future.

If a part is almost worn out, we will notify you that it may need replacing soon, with the option to replace it while we are busy with your printer – reducing your downtime.