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3D Design

Creating custom parts for your Project or Product

We can design custom 3D parts for your project or product. Whether it is meant as a school assignment, a student project, a simple home project, or the latest new gadget for your business, we can help you get the best results in manufacturing.

Using our 3D printers, we can also help you prototype your project or create the final project.

School and University Assignments

From time to time children get a school project where they should create something, like a bridge for example. Using our tools and expertise alongside the child/student we can design and 3D print the parts for the project, allowing them to assemble the completed project.

In some cases, it may be required that a student design it themselves, in which case we can still 3D print it at affordable rates.

Product Development

Using a 3D printer to create a new product, for example a case for your latest product, allows you to do Rapid Prototyping – getting the physical object so that you can test and ensure it is working as expected. A 3D printer is built to do this quickly and cheaply.

If you were to create a mold first and then find an issue, you have wasted a lot of money; the 3D printer simply takes the digital object and make it physical for you to test and work out kinks.

Custom 3D Design for Printing

Do you need a very specific bracket, bucket or gift, but can’t find anywhere to buy it, or it way over priced. Sometimes people need a part for equipment that are simply no longer made. We can help you with any of this.

Simply send us the specifications and the requirements for a quote.