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3D Services

[title subtitle=”Using the latest industry tools”]3D Design[/title]


We can design custom 3D parts for your project or product. Whether it is meant as a school assignment, a student project, a simple home project, or the latest new gadget for your business, we can help you get the best results in manufacturing.

Using our 3D printers, we can also help you prototype your project or create the final project.


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[title subtitle=”Rapid Prototyping to Custom Designs”]3D Printing[/title]


Using the 3D printers we can create almost any object or shape at very tight manufacturing tolerances in various materials. Our 3D printers print at very high quality, giving you a better result than objects printed on home/consumer 3D printers.


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[title subtitle=”By our resident 3D Expert”]3D Printer Training[/title]


3D printers have a steep learning curve and are not yet where standard 2D printers are – where you simply click print and it happens. We can help teach you to use your 3D printer to its full potential, saving you time and money to get started.


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[title subtitle=”on Wanhao 3D printers”]3D Printer Servicing & Mods[/title]


Like your car, a 3D printer needs a regular service to remain working optimally. We have experience in servicing Wanhao 3D Printers, and as a result know the printers inside-out. We also remain updated with any issues customers may experience and stock the required parts to get the printer back in business asap.


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